Manufacturer of data storage hardware, 19-inch server racks and wallboxes - Dataracks


About Dataracks

With a pedigree dating back to 1989, Dataracks is a leading manufacturer of data storage hardware, including 19-inch server racks and wallboxes.

Today, Dataracks is Europe’s only dedicated manufacturer of cabinets optimised for cooling efficiency. One of the first in the UK started designing, planning and installing customised containment solutions in 2007.

Our customers range from the largest names in the industry to smaller operations, but all expect a wide range of standard products and a sophisticated design and manufacture service for bespoke requirements.

All Dataracks' products are designed and manufactured in our UK factory, and our innovative products – ranging from blanking panels and tile grommets through cabinets to complete cold aisles – can be retrofitted into a live environment.

The build quality and engineering of our products is of a very high standard, reflecting the important roles they play in safeguarding our customers' data. The latest products are designed to achieve the highest value ratings according to the latest EU guidelines on data centre efficiency.

As a quality supplier with a strong service ethos, we provide site surveys, design and installation, all as an integrated solution, yet at a competitive price. Our customers recognise and value this.

We have a strong commitment to improving environmental performance:

  • All our materials can be recycled or are biodegradable.
  • The paint is solvent-free, the paint plant is modified to recycle water and the ovens have additional insulation to cut energy usage.
  • Our procurement is biased towards material with recycled content.
  • Products are delivered direct to the customer in our fleet of vehicles, and we can arrange to collect old cabinets for recycling.


EU Code of Conduct


Dataracks as a founder endorser of the EU Code of Conduct,

provides and developes products and services to activily support Data Centre operators in the pursuit of energy saving since 2008.

The Code was designed to raise awareness of the opportunities for energy and cost efficiency within the industry and gives guidance on initiatives and changes that can be made to improve the efficiency of the data centre infrastructure, as well as the IT equipment. Other areas such as software selection and energy management practices are also addressed by the Code to help organisations understand and manage energy use across the full spectrum of data centre IT.